Download Adguard Premium APK For Android & IOS Updated

AdGuard Premium APK is a wonderful ad content blocker application that can effectively block all the annoying ads in the Yandex and Samsung internet mobile browser. It’s a very unique ad blocker that doesn’t require any root permissions.

Advertisements are pretty common on browsers such as Yandex or Samsung mobile, however; certain ads are malicious which is quite risky for the security of your android device. If you are looking for the latest version of AdGuard Premium Apk, you can download it from our website.

AdGuard Premium APK

Features of AdGuard Premium APK

Here is the list of the following main features of AdGuard Premium.

Custom Filters

In this AdGuard Premium app, users can now control the filtering process and set custom rules to block any particular ads. You can also allow these blocked ads anytime in the future.

Open Source

AdGuard Premium is one of the safest ad-blocking apps. The complete source code of this app is available on GitHub which means that there isn’t anything hidden from users that can raise any security concern.


You can also whitelist any particular websites that you frequently visit. In this way, you don’t have to always turn on the adguard every time after visiting any trusted website.

Huge Adblock list

There is a huge database of more than 20+ different ads and websites that have been blocked already to protect user privacy. All these pre-blocked ads and websites are annoying and risky, that’s why they have been added to the AdBlock list for your best protection.

Block Ads Anywhere

The most worthwhile feature of AdGuard Premium is its excellent ad-blocking abilities that can block ads anywhere on your smartphone. Whether you want to block ads on any particular game or any application, AdGuard Premium is always there for you.

Download AdGuard Premium APK

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