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Hello Neighbor APK is a very popular stealth horror game in which the players have to sneak into the neighbor’s house to find out some horrible and thrilling secrets. It’s based on a unique storyline and gameplay; you have to play against highly advanced Al that will be tracking your every move. In Hello Neighbor, the players have to act smart and discover the hidden secrets without making Al notice them. Moreover; there will be also several challenging traps that you have to face before entering the house.

You can download and install this excellent horror-adventure game on your android device by using our provided download link.

Hello Neighbor APK

Features of Hello Neighbor APK

These are the following key features of Hello Neighbor Apk.

Explore the Mystery

You will have to explore the mystery once you will start this game. The horrible noises coming from our neighbor’s house will concern you to explore the secrets behind those creepy noises. This game is full of curiosity that also makes it quite an addictive game to play.


Once you are done with discovering the hidden secrets, now it’s time to safely escape from the house, or else the angry neighbor will kill you. After completing the first 2 levels, the 3rd level will be based on escaping and you have to very cautious while escaping the house as one single mistake can get you caught.

High-Quality Graphics

The graphics of Hello Neighbor are not like any other horror game. These graphics are much more realistic and high quality, but if we compare it with some top class horror game, then the graphics of Hello Neighbor may seem a bit childish to you especially if you have played many horror games before. Overall, the graphic quality of this game is quite impressive.

Free to Play

Hello Neighbor Apk is a 100% free game that will never ask you about any payment or charges during or after the installation. It’s a completely free game that anyone can download and play without any limitations.

Download Hello Neighbor APK

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