Download Monopoly APK 1.3.2 For Android & IOS

If you are a desperate lover of classic board games but you are unable to find any reliable android game then you have come to the right place. The monopoly Apk is an excellent android game in which players have to roll the dice to become rich in this game. It’s one of the most popular games having millions of active installs from all around the world. It’s a remarkable classic board game that you can conveniently play on your android and tablet device.

This game includes a captivating and colorful animated 3d city with hotels and houses to make your gameplay appealing. You can download and install the monopoly classic board game by using the download link given in this post.

Monopoly apk

Features of Monopoly APK

Here are some of the most popular key features of Monopoly apk.

Unique Board Game

It’s a different board game that you can not only play alone but you can also play with your family and friends from the comfort of your android phone.

No Ads

In Monopoly Apk, there are no more annoying ads or any pay to win offers that can irritate the players. Every single ad is approved by Hasbro after completing multiple security checks to ensure maximum user protection without disturbing the user experience.

Quick Mode

Gone are the days when players have to wait for months to finish any classic board game. Monopoly apk offers a quick mode in which you can finish this game in a single day.

Single-Player Mode

If you don’t know any friends or family members that play monopoly apk, you can also play it alone and compete against AL.

Offline Multiplayer

Offline multiplayer mode is a very rare feature that is almost impossible to find in any other board game. You can play together with your friend and pass the phone on the respective turns.

Online Multiplayer Mode

The online multiplayer mode allows players to enjoy monopoly apk with millions of other online players around the world. You can challenge them and earn rewards to build your own empire.

Download Monopoly Board Game Classic APK

Click the download button below and install monopoly apk on your android device. You can also install Monopoly Apk from Google Play Store free of cost.

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