Download Speed Test Pro APK For Android & IOS Latest

Speed Test Pro APK is an excellent android application to track the speed and performance of your internet connection. If you frequently experience problems while watching your favorite movie or while doing any other activity online, your internet speed is responsible for it most of the time. With speed test pro apk, you can accurately track the internet performance and then you can provide the data to your local internet provider support. With your given data, they will be able to identify the problem behind your slow internet connection.

Speed Test Pro is being used by millions of people around the world making it one of the biggest speed testing applications. It will keep your IP Address and other private data secure and safe.

Speed Test Pro APK


These are the following most noteworthy features of the speed test pro apk that you will enjoy after installing this application on your android device.

  • Track Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Ping with utmost accuracy.
  • Displays real-time graphical data of your internet connection and its stability of speed.
  • It also supports 5G Speed testing.
  • Share the results of your speed test with one click.
  • Also offers tips and fixes to increase the internet speed on your android device.

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How to Download Speed Test Pro Apk?

Download and try this apk now by clicking the download button below. It’s a 100% free application that will never ask you about any payment details.

Remember, if you feel that this application is not tracking your internet speed or you are experiencing an error while running the speed test, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. You should also make sure that your android phone meets the recommended system requirements for this application.

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