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This War Of Mine APK is a heart-wrenching action-adventure game in which you will be playing as a group of civilians who are trying to survive in the war zoned besieged city. You have to survive in difficult situations without any food or medicine. Moreover; there will be a 24/7 threat of snipers where you will go, this game provides a very realistic experience of a civil war.

The gameplay is based on the day and night cycle, during the day time, the threat of snipers will be at its peak and you cannot leave your safe zone. You have to pay attention to make your hideout secure along with other groups of survivors who will be also your responsibility. During the night time, you have to complete several challenging missions on multiple locations to ensure your survival in the game.

This War of Mine APK

However; if you are looking for the latest version of This War Of Mine Apk, you can download it from our website without any hassles.


Following are the most amazing addictive and thrilling features of this game; you will surely love to enjoy them.

  • Based on the Story of Real-life events.
  • You have to control the group of survivors and protect your shelter.
  • Do whatever you can to survive such as crafting weapons, beds, alcohol, or anything that can make your survival possible.
  • Make tough decisions beyond emotional feelings.
  • Includes multiple characters.
  • Realistic graphics.
  • Easy and simple controls.
  • Protect innocent children and other civilians in a war-like situation.
  • Take care of the kids by crafting toys for them and relieve their depression.

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Download This War of Mine Apk

You can download the complete version of this game from the download links given below. Remember; don’t forget to uninstall any previous version of this game from your android phone before installing this updated version.

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