Download Vault APK For Android & IOS Latest Version

Vault APK is an outstanding android application that allows users to hide their private photos and videos on their smartphones. It’s very popular data privacy and security application having more than 100 million active installs alone on Google Play Store. It offers tons of other functionalities too such as private bookmark, incognito browser, and many others.

With this application, you can set up a unique password for any particular photos and videos that you want to keep confidential. You can download this app from Google Play Store or by using the working download link given below.

Vault APK

Features of Vault APK

Here are some of the following key features of Vault Apk.

Hide Photos & Photos

It’s one of the most noteworthy and popular features of this application that enables users to lock the photos and videos with a unique password. No one will be able to view those hidden photos and videos without entering the correct password. You can also backup these private photos and videos on the cloud space for enhanced security.

Call Reminder

The call reminder option allows users to search for a particular phone number in the incoming call section and learn more about it before receiving it.

App Lock

With this unique feature, you can also lock any of your social media apps, photos, call logs, or any other application in your android phone with a password. It will help you to keep your data on your phone fully secure and safe.

Private Browser

There is also a dedicated private browser in this app that will let you use the internet without leaving any footprint or trace of your searches behind.

Create Fake Vault

If you have any additional security or privacy concerns, you can create different vaults with several challenging passwords for private videos and photos.

Stealth Mode

In this mode, you can make the vault app icon disappear from your phone’s home screen to deceive the privacy invaders. No one will be able to know whether you have installed this app or not until the correct password is entered.

Download Vault APK

Click the download button below to install Vault Apk latest version on your android device. It can be also downloaded conveniently through Google Play Store anytime.

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